It is important to The Point Community Church to create a faith community that is accessible to anyone that is interested whatever their background, capacity, or functionality – which is a continued work in progress.

Everyone is welcome at The Point Church and access to our site and activities is a great priority. We desire to make coming to church as easy and stress-free as possible.

What to Expect

Welcome to Church! If this is your first time coming along to a service here are some things you can expect:

  • We have an 9:30AM & 5:00PM service
  • Our services run for approx 90 mins
  • We have Kids Church programs during our 9:30am service for children from toddlers to Year 8
  • We have a time of community gathering after our services with morning tea/supper available
  • There is no dress code at The Point - please free free to come wearing whatever is comfortable


Parking & Site Access

Dedicated disabled parking bays are located in the car park through the first gate entrance off Findlay Ave.This parking area also offers the best site access for wheelchairs, walking aids, and prams.


Church Building Access

Step-free Paths to the Church

There is step-free access from the parking area (entrance off Findlay Ave) to the main hall entrance, disabled toilets, and outdoor area where we often enjoy food together after our Sunday gatherings.  

Wide Entry

The entry to the main hall has multiple large wide sliding doors and step-free access. There is an access ramp available on the end sliding door for wheelchairs, walking aids, and prams.


Accessible Toilets & Nappy Change Facilities

There is a large unisex accessible toilet available with step free paths off the courtyard.

There are nappy changing facilities available in the room off the back of the hall.


Child Safe

All our leaders are “Safe Ministry” checked and accredited, hold up-to-date ‘Working with Children’ checks, and are trained to work with vulnerable people.



Print Bibles

We have print Bibles available for use in our Sunday gatherings.


We aim to make on-screen projections accessible to people with low vision by using large simple fonts and high contrast text and backgrounds. 

Sermon Recordings

Our Sunday sermons are recorded and are available under the Sermons page on our website via YouTube or as an audio recording.


Please be aware that as we meet in a school hall there is no sound buffering (carpet, insulation etc). 

People that wear hearing aids or have a sensitivity to noise may find the main hall difficult.


Contact Us to Plan Your Visit

We'd love to know you are coming so we can welcome you!  

If you would like to find out more about our church or would like to contact us to let us know you are coming, you can text/call/email (0432 209 583 or our Welcome and Connect Team to ask any questions you may have.