Gospel Apprenticeship Program

Some seasons in life provide a ‘gap’, a season to breathe. Perhaps between finishing school and your next step, or between careers, or the first year of retirement, or…

Our Gospel Apprenticeship Program (G.A.P.), is an exciting opportunity to grow you as a disciple of Jesus. You will receive quality ministry, theological and leadership training designed to equip you for a lifetime of being a disciple who makes disciples.

GAP is a year-long course overseen by our pastors. The Point commits to training and equipping each participant in ministry, theology, spiritual formation and leadership. Each participant will volunteer 2.5-days a week to The Point.

Every GAPer will have a Primary Focus Stream (PFS), based on their gifts and passions. If you love kid's ministry then that can be your focus.  If you love singing/musical instruments, then that can be your PFS. If you want to give preaching or upfront stuff a crack, we'll provide the training and the platform. If you are a ‘behind the scenes’ disciple, we will tailor your GAP training accordingly.

We want to equip you to be better at being you - God created you the way you are for a reason. God gave you gifts, abilities and a specific personality, all for His glory. We will help you grow into the gifts He has blessed you with.

These programs often take a fair amount of money to run. GAP is no exception. However, we will help each participant raise all funding before their GAP year begins. All your conferences, training, camps and textbooks before you begin. How good is that!


About the program

Throughout the year, no matter your PFS, we will provide training and opportunities in the following:


Conferences & Camps

FIEC Annual Conference - at Stanwell Tops - our Network/Denomination's conference

Mid Coast Youth Conference (MCYC)

Equip Women's Conference - Livestream (chicks only!)


Ministry Training & Opportunities

How to write a Bible talk (to adults, to youth, to kids)

How to run a Discussion Group

Running Games

1-2-1 Bible Reading Training

Writing and sharing your testimony

Teaching Primary Scripture


Knowing God’s Book

Reading the WHOLE Bible from cover to cover!

Foundational Theology - Textbooks (x2) & lessons (Term 1)

Biblical Theology - Textbook & lessons + Marked Essay (Term 1)

Systematic Theology - Textbook & lessons + Marked Essay (Term 2)

Christian Ethics - Textbook & lessons + Marked Essay (Term 3)

Spiritual Formation - Textbook & lessons + Marked Essay (Term 4)

Fortnightly 1-2-1 Mentoring a mature believer

Weekly attendance in a Point Group

Required Reading throughout the year


Equire here about GAP or email the office at admin@tpcc.org.au

Express your interest by November 26, 2023 for our January 2024 intake.