SRE (Scripture)
SRE (Special Religious Education, and also known as Scripture), is important in nurturing spiritual well being and broadening a child's education from a faith perspective. Christian SRE offers a biblical worldview of life, purpose, ethics and values, and fosters genuine tolerance towards those with a different faith heritage.

The Point Community Church is an approved provider of SRE (Special Religious Education) that operates in a combined arrangement in partnership with other providers in Port Macquarie.

Our SRE Teachers are authorised through a process of Working With Children Check verification, Safe Ministry Training, and accreditation through the completion of 5 separate modules of training, provided by Youthworks and outlined here. Accreditation is maintained through annual development training and ongoing support and observation.

We and those in our combined arrangement use the approved Connect material that is provided and reviewed by CEP (Christian Education Publications), with the curriculum scope and sequence available to be viewed here.

In the instance of any concerns or complaints raised relating to any aspect of SRE provided by The Point Community Church, we have adopted the same complaints handling policy as Youthworks which can be viewed here.

For further information about the contents of lessons or any other enquiries, please contact our office via email (