Take a Shot!
What's your biggest issue with Christianity?

From 24th Jan to 14th Feb, we’re running a 4 week series of talks. We're calling it ‘Take a Shot’.

We previously invited you to 'take a shot' by letting us know what your issue with Christianity (or Christians) is. From those questions, we'll be talking on the 4 most recurring issues that were raised - so come along to church to hear what the pastors of our church have to say on these topics!

If you're already a Christian, this is a great opportunity to invite a friend or family member to come along church (especially if they asked one of the questions)! The topics we'll be talking on are:

24th Jan: ‘Why are Christians such hypocrites?’

31st Jan: ‘Why are Christians so anti-science?’ 

7th Feb: ‘Why are Christians so intolerant of other beliefs?’

14th Feb: ‘How can you believe the Bible?’

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