Take a Shot!
What's your biggest issue with Christianity?

From 24th Jan to 14th Feb, we’re running a 4 week series of talks. We're calling it ‘Take a Shot’.

We'd like you to 'take a shot' by letting us know what your issue with Christianity (or Christians) is. We'll be talking on the 4 most recurring issues that get raised. We'll post the topics here on our website shortly before the series commences, so check back in two weeks or so out from the talks and come along to church to hear what the pastors of our church have to say on the top 4 issues!

If you're already a Christian, this is a great opportunity to ask a friend or family member to submit a question, and then invite them to church with you to hear the answer. 

You can submit your question below, or pick up one of the postcards at the church office or church in-person on Sundays.

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