Livestream Update

If you’ve tried watching the livestream recently, you might wonder where it’s gone!

Recently, the camera we had been using blew up due to a tech fault, so we’re in the process of getting a replacement.

We’ve also found out recently about the easing of COVID restrictions. Praise God for that! One of the implications of the easing of these restrictions is that livestream is no longer as important as it has been over the last year.

However, we still want you to be able to tune into the sermon if you can’t make it to church for some reason. So we’re going to record the sermon audio (and eventually video), for those who can’t be at church on Sunday.

If you can be at church physically, we strongly encourage you to; we grow best when we are gathered together under the Word of God, hearing it together and singing it to each other. 

Click below for our service information and get along to church if you can!

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